Images and advertisements:
Our artwork guidelines.

Designing an image or ad to be shown in our iFringe app? This page gives you all the information you'll need, together with some hints and tips to help you achieve the best results on the small screen of a smartphone.

In a nutshell...

  • 1200 x 450 pixels.
  • PNG or JPEG.
  • No transparency. We'll convert any transparent pixels to white.
  • No animated GIFs. We'll convert any other GIFs to PNGs.

Bold artwork is best.

Your artwork will look huge on your computer monitor, but remember it'll be shrunk down to fit the tiny screen on your phone. Simple, striking ads usually work best.

  • Consistency is important. Try to use the same picture or image as your posters, flyers and other material.
  • Don't include too much text. It's great to use review quotes, but try to cut them down to a few words.
  • We strongly recommend a minimum font size of 30 pixels. And if you're going that small, use a simple bold font, like Arial Black.
  • Remember that your show's dates and times are already listed in iFringe, so it's often not necessary to include them in your artwork.
  • Most people do include their show's title.

Here are some examples of artwork we think has been effective in previous years. Notice that they're all still readable, even when they're shrunk to a small size.

Check it on your phone.

To see what your artwork looks like once it's been shrunk down, email it to yourself – then look at the email on your smartphone. If anything in the image is hard to make out, then we definitely recommend you change it.

A few house rules.

  • No bad language. If you absolutely have to use a naughty word, then it's normally OK if you star part of it out.
  • Nothing overtly sexual. iFringe is rated "12" in the App Store. It's OK to be discreetly suggestive, but we don't want to teach anyone the facts of life.
  • Take care with shocking or revolting imagery. We understand that many shows deal with challenging topics, and that challenging artwork may be justified. At the same time, for simple commercial reasons, we can't accept images we feel will put people off from using iFringe.

If you think you may come close to any of these boundaries, there are two things you can do. One option is just to go ahead and submit your artwork; either we'll accept it, or we'll write back explaining the problem. Or, if you'd prefer to get an answer before you put the effort into design work, you can contact us at

And if you need some help...

We're expecting that you're going to produce your own artwork, using a program like Paint Shop Pro or (if you're a more advanced designer) Adobe Illustrator. But if you prefer, we can design your artwork for you, based on your existing posters or publicity photos. There's a nominal £20 fee for this service.

For more details of our design service, or if you have any questions about these requirements, just email

Thanks for your interest in iFringe!